We're a remote-first group of makers

With several decades of experience building enterprise collaboration software and managing global teams of engineers and product managers, we are obsessed with building the tools needed to power the future of work.


Touchbase was founded by Joe Taylor and Andy Payne, who together ran Cisco's collaboration innovation lab from 2014 - 2018.

Joe and Andy managed a globally distributed team with the mandate to explore the future of work for Cisco's customers. A key focus area at Cisco was the balance of synchronous v. asynchronous collaboration in remote teams, with various experiments involving always-on video, async video, digital team assistants and virtual reality.

Our mission

Touchbase was born from our strong belief that today's collaboration tools are not built for tomorrow's needs. This idea has been thrown into sharp focus as the planet continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditional video conferencing platforms recreate traditional meetings. So many people have found themselves working from home and sitting through hours of endless, fatiguing video calls. Our aim with Touchbase is to make meetings/calls/conversations more valuable, shorter, and more focused.

Building the next generation

We believe that the future of work will be based around an intelligent mix of synchronous/online and asynchronous/offline communication. Talent will be truly global and teams will be fluid. Working across timezones will become commonplace. Middle managers will be replaced by smart platforms, freeing up teams to work smarter and more efficiently.

Visibility will become less important as teams learn to trust their members wherever they prefer to work, and collective output will become the only metric that matters. To achieve this, diversity will play a much stronger role in hiring and our differences will be the secret sauce that drives us forward together.